Officer Garrett Rolfe

atlanta georgia police killer cop garett rolfe.

A history of abuse and due to immunity, corrupt police unions and an undeserved police officer’s bill of rights Officer Garrett Rolfe was able to escalate a non violent situation into murder

The charges filed Wednesday against the Atlanta police officers involved in the confrontation that led to Rayshard Brooks’ death may bring a sense of validation to the thousands clamoring for justice and racial equality in the U.S. – as long as a conviction is attained.

Compared with the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police on May 25, which prompted global demonstrations against police brutality and racial bias, the fatal shooting of Brooks by officer Garrett Rolfe was different.

Brooks, after all, had resisted arrest, punched at least one of the officers and made off with a Taser, which he aimed at Rolfe and, conceivably, could have discharged on someone else at the parking lot where the incident occurred Friday night outside a Wendy’s restaurant.

The problem is people with immunity such as police, judges, lawyers and government hire people who have no business in these roles of authority or with deadly force and when reported to management are ignored and allowed to go out and murder people or abuse the innocent.

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