Officer Doris Singleton

Imposters Sanford Florida Police department officer Doris Singleton Impersonates World War II Veterans














Impostor  Sanford Florida Police department officer Doris Singleton wears World War II ribbons she did not earn

Call it what you want, make excuses and rationalize why it was done. The facts remain the same, Police lie and misrepresent their position all the time. It’s becoming very clear the wrong people get badges. Criminals, bullies, insecure people, sociopaths, con-artists, control freaks and frauds. Some of the worst people in society discovered they can get away with dishonesty, crime, abuse and murder by wearing a costume and badge which represents something they’re not. Just get hired as a police officer or judge.

Ever hear the phrase “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing” which means: Someone who hides malicious intent under the guise of kindliness.  People need to know the truth about what’s really going on in government all over America. Police, Judges and other positions of power and integrity are being abused and used as tools to take advantage of our trust. We don’t want to accept it, we’re influenced and taught to trust and believe those who wear black robes and badges.

Officer Doris Singleton Sanford Florida Police Officer exposed something that has been going on for decades. How easy it is for someone in uniform to influence and misrepresent integrity and justice.

Navy Cross recipient Jeremiah Workman questions cop’s ribbons in Trayvon Martin case

A Marine who earned the nation’s second-highest military valor award for heroics in Iraq is questioning why a police officer who took the stand during George Zimmerman’s trial was wearing ribbons she did not earn, including one reserved primarily for World War II veterans.

Two in particular stood out, he said: the World War II Army of Occupation Medal and the Defense Distinguished Service Medal.

Sanford Florida Police said they didn’t have their own awards system, so they went to the Army-Navy store around the corner and picked out Defense Department military ribbons to fit their own format. The WWII was selected, because they knew there weren’t many veterans from that period alive so they didn’t think people would notice. Which is also what they want the public to think, ” To not notice some very dishonest and abusive people are wearing uniforms and badges.”

Cop testifying at Zimmerman trial wore military ribbons she didn’t earn

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