Deputy Jason Franqui

Palm Beach County Florida Sheriff Deputy Jason Franqui committed perjury, assault and attempted murde














Meet a FRAUD, Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy who got caught red handed lying to cover up his abuse of deadly force. This problem cop is not being prosecuted and allowed to continue to lie, cheat and commit crimes because the state attorney refuses to prosecute. This exposes WHY police often get away with crimes and murder. Prosecutors go out of their way to stop justice and allow killer cops to go free.

Prosecutors ignored evidence from a traffic camera that contradicted Florida Sheriff deputy Jason Franqui who shot an unarmed teenager with Down syndrome.

Deputy Jason Franqui, a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy, lied to investigators stating he fired his service weapon when 17-year-old Jeremy Hutton intentionally tried to run him down during an attempted traffic stop.

The State Attorney’s Office cleared Deputy Jason Franqui, finding the shooting justified because the deputy Jason Franqui feared for his life however video evidence directly contradicts his account.

The victims mother called 911 Oct. 10, 2010, reporting the teen, who suffers from behavioral problems and has the mental capacity of a 4 year old child, stole her minivan.

Deputy Jason Franqui pulled his patrol car in front of the minivan after the teen stopped at an intersection and got out of his cruiser.  However his account contradicts evidence at that point.

Deputy Jason Franqui reported he fired his gun after Hutton looked into his eyes, turned the steering wheel, and drove directly toward him.

Sheriff department dash camera footage shows the minivan clip the front of Jason Franqui’s patrol car as the deputy begins shooting  hitting the teen in the head, shoulder, and hand.

State Attorney Michael McAuliffe wrote a memo to Sheriff Ric Bradshaw that physical and video evidence, as well as witness statements, confirmed the deputy was standing in front of the minivan when he opened fire.

However, traffic camera footage shows the opposite. The video shows deputy Jason Franqui standing beside or behind the minivan when he fired six shots.

Hutton turns the minivan away from the deputy’s car in attempt to get away,  striking the cruiser before driving away and crashing into a parked car from his wounds.

Reports by the sheriff’s office and the State Attorney’s office never mention  deputy Jason Franqui shot out the back and side windows of the van. Or the fact that some of the deputies shots hit a passing motorist’s vehicle.

Prosecutors ignore video to clear Florida deputy who shot unarmed teen with Down syndrome

Prosecutors ignore video to clear Florida deputy who shot unarmed teen with Down syndrome

Cop Shoots Unarmed Boy with Down Syndrome, Says He “Feared for His Life.” Video Shows He’s Lying

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