Officer Marcus Terry

officer Marcus Terry Florida City police shoots dog

Cowardly Officer Marcus Terry fired his weapon within city limits putting families and children in danger. When deadly force is the first choice of an officer it’s a clear sign they’re in the wrong line of work. Deadly force is not something to be used lightly and ignored. Remember postal workers deal with dogs on a daily basis and none of them end up executing any pets. This exposes the problem of deadly force in the wrong hands and Officer Marcus Terry is a prime example of someone who should be terminated and working in another field.

As he drove around a Florida City neighborhood Tuesday, police officer Marcus Terry noticed that a car door had been left open in the driveway of a house.
He knocked on the front door to alert the residents. When Sage Raphael opened the door, her family’s rescued 2-year-old Pit Bull mix, Duchess, bolted out.
“She was excited. Someone’s at the door,” Gillian Palacios, Raphael’s mom, told CBS Miami. “She’s excited to see who it is, you know, normal dog behavior.”
As Raphael watched in horror, officer Marcus Terry quickly pulled out his gun and shot Duchess three times in the head.
“I was about to grab her. I had her and two seconds later, it’s three gunshots,” Raphael told CBS Miami.
“Your dog charged me,” officer Marcus Terry told her and her mom, who ran out when she heard the gunshots, Local 10 News reports. He said Animal Services would pick up Duchess, and then walked away, leaving the dog lying in a pool of blood. A surveillance camera captured the horrible incident on video. Duchess doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of aggression in the second or two before officer Marcus Terry killed her.

“She was curious. She wasn’t barking (and) she wasn’t growling,” Palacios, who fosters homeless dogs, told Local 10 News. “There was no reason for officer Marcus to think she was aggressive in any way. There were a million things he could have done other than shoot her three times in the head.”

The fact is people could have been killed by shooting a weapon in city limits, police respond with needless comments and stupidity. Had someone shot to death a police service dog when it barked would that be any different?

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