Officer Thomas Webster

Dover Delaware police officer thomas webster broke a mans jaw how police cheat

Dover Delaware Police Officer Thomas Webster is a perfect example of bully sociopaths police departments hire. The problem comes when this obvious problem cop was caught red handed committing a crime on video. Why can’t the tax payer kick this criminal in the head the same way?

Americans should be outraged how these problem cops abuse people

The bigger crime being committed is these criminals hide from prosecution by having their departments hide or destroy complaints and criminal history. While at the same time often making up stories and outright lies about their victims to rationalize their brutal acts and crimes.

Dover Delaware Police Officer Thomas Webster a nine-year veteran of the Dover Police Department is currently suspended without pay.

Dover Police on Thursday released a dashcam video showing a man being kicked in the head by an officer during an Aug. 24, 2013, arrest. Webster, 40, was indicted on an assault charge on Monday. The indictment came only after Attorney General Matt Denn, who took office in January, personally reviewed the file last week and asked for a grand jury to review the case.

Carl Kanefsky, spokesman for Denn, said his office had no background information available on Webster. Dover Police have declined to comment on his work history.

Webster spent nine years as a Delaware correctional officer before joining the Dover force.

The attorney for a Dover police officer is blasting prosecutors’ efforts to continue to pursue assault charges against him after a grand jury declined last year to indict him.

Cpl. Thomas Webster was arrested and released on bond Monday after a second grand jury indicted him on assault.

Webster was placed on leave in 2013 after reportedly kicking Lateef Dickerson, a suspect in a fight, breaking his jaw and rendering him unconscious.

But a grand jury declined to indict Webster in March 2014, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office found no civil rights violation.

The ACLU subsequently sued Dover police on Dickerson’s behalf.

A spokesman for Attorney General  reviewed the case and thought it should be presented to a grand jury again.

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