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Keith Wiens Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Keith Wiens, Retired RCMP, Admits Killing His Wife After Losing Sex Bet On Nintendo Wii Game

Ex-Mountie Keith Wiens trial: Officers describe gruesome murder scene

Mountie shot dead his wife after she attacked him with a knife because he refused to fulfill the terms of a Wii game bet he lost and have sex with her







Killer Keith Wiens and Victim Lynn Kalmring 55


Victim Lynn Kalmring
a 55 year old nurse who was killed in Penticton in August, 2011 by her common-law partner, retired RCMP officer Keith Weins. Weins was released on bail 13 days after appearing in court, and this has left Lynn’s family feeling fearful and frustrated. In response, they have worked in conjunction with a lawyer in order to create two separate petitions that will be presented in the House of Commons. The first petition advocates for stricter bail requirements for violent crimes, while the second proposes amendments to the National Victims Bill of Rights, in order to give victims and family members a stronger voice.

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Who are we giving badges, guns and authority to?

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