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American Legal Bar killing people makes legal sense when it causes huge legal fees

Since when does it take 2 officers and 7 shots fired to stop a 13 year old child?

Police are down playing this calling it a “Man with a gun”. What bothers me most and should you is this was an execution not a self defense issue. Sheriff’s came to the scene, mis-assessed things and then shot SEVEN TIMES, not once to get the child’s attention but SEVEN TIMES. Its obvious the point was not to save a life but to kill.

Police are hired, we pay them to save lives, to protect us yet more often than less police are very quick to draw their weapons and shoot. In fact its not just one shot, its far too many. We need to go back to the 6 shot revolver which is harder to shoot multiple shots. New Automatic weapons can produce over 10 rounds with very little effort.

The other side of the story is “Did the child point the weapon at officers?” I’m sure as history tells us, the deputies will say “YES”. When in fact I have doubts this happened. Police often lie and tell false accounts when they know they’ve done wrong. After all it could mean their job and prison so its common they do this. Plus their department often sides with them instead of justice. We must set examples, higher standards for law enforcement.

Because once the event takes place the department is doing DAMAGE CONTROL, its about how much money WE THE TAX payer will have to pay the family. For something we did not ask for. The city will hide everything, stop media because they know what’s coming. Lawyers, more lawyers and huge legal fees. Then a big hit to their budget, YOUR TAX DOLLARS. Yet you have no say in what happens… Don’t fool yourself its not about Justice or fixing the problem its about money.

This brings up ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY which must be changed to stop what’s going on “LEGAL MURDER” after which tax payers foot the bill for bad decisions by bad cops. Non Police would be put in jail till proven innocent immediately, instead the officers get a paid vacation for months. Rewarding wrong doing?

Police officers who shoot first, ask questions later should be responsible for their actions. I can start to understand (1) ONE shot being fired or maybe two. But SEVEN shots is just plain irresponsible and points to only one thing, kill it.

All public servants paid by tax dollars should have to answer to the public, anything and everything done must be TRANSPARENT. The investigation, their punishment and what it cost all of us in tax dollars. In any other business this is standard and normal but for some reason in government they have it all their way. This must STOP.

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American Legal Bar killing people makes legal sense when it causes huge legal fees

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