Los Angeles County Sheriff

L.A. County sheriff's officials will be fired or relieved of duty once Alex Villanueva

If the American people only knew half the corruption and waste going on in Los Angeles County Sheriff department. They would understand how psychopaths and sociopaths hide behind shinny stars and fancy uniforms. How the top Cop Sheriff Lee Baca was facing prison time and like a coward claimed old age and alzheimer’s meant he was not guilty. Over paid, generous benefit means nothing to this gang of thieves who will stop at nothing to get away with their crimes, abuse and murder.

The list of murders goes on and on, staggering numbers, yet not one officer is ever held accountable.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Officials Will be Fired or Relieved of Duty Once Sheriff Alex Villanueva takes overhttps://www.latimes.com/…/lanow/la-me-sheriff-20181128-stor…

Murder of unarmed Noel Aguilar

LASD Admits Killing Innocent John Winkler In West Hollywood Shooting

LA County To Pay Out Record $14.35M Settlement To Family Of Frank Mendoza Shot, Killed By Sheriff

Donnell Thompson Killed by Deputy Not Connected to Carjacking

LASD: Deputies Shooting At Dog Accidentally Kill Armando Garcia

Family Of Oscar Ramirez Fatally Shot 4 times in back By Sheriff’s Deputies Files Damages Claim

Mother Distraught After Her Son Carmelo Pizarro Is Shot To Death By Deputies

In the end the tax payer you and me are forced to pay VACATION PAY (administrative leave) and benefits to the killer cops, millions in legal settlements, huge legal costs all for something we’re not responsible for. They hire them, won’t fire them and then hand you the bill.

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