Ugly Judge

Sheriff Donny Youngblood

Sheriff Donny Youngblood

See Justice for David Sal Silva

Meet Donny Youngblood, the helpless, ineffectual Sheriff of Kern County, California, whose deputies and jailers have beaten to death at least three men, two while he was Sheriff and the third while he was temporarily retired after serving 30 years as a deputy for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, one of the most violent, abusive agencies of its size in the county.

If nine private citizens had behaved as his deputies and their CHP cronies behaved on the night David Sal Silva was savagely — and fatally — pummeled with steel batons, they’d be sitting in the Kern County Jail contemplating murder charges.

Thanks to Donny Youngblood’s utter lack of leadership, integrity and responsibility to the citizens who elected him, these criminals are already back on the streets with their guns, badges and batons. Its only a matter of time before another unfortunate human being meets the same fate as David Sal Silva. It’s happened three times already; it will happen again.

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