Officer Charles Holloway

A felony arrest warrant was issued for Officer Charles Holloway for assault under the color of authority.

A misdemeanor arrest warrant was issued for Officer Gerardo Martinez being an accessory after the fact.

Officer Charles Holloway
A felony arrest warrant was issued for Officer Charles Holloway alleging assault under the color of authority

These two scumbag officers must be fired, prosecuted and put in prison just like any other criminal.  America is at war, not in Iraq but in our own streets and cities. Its with police departments who protect and provide dishonest police with guns and authority. Many of these departments are run by problem cops who do nothing to protect the public. Exposing them for the monsters they really are is the first step. Removing their authority, demanding prosecution and stripping them of all their benefits is the best solution.

Ever wonder what happened to that bully, insecure kid or even problematic child? Well many of them find their way to law enforcement, a field which is not all that hard to get hired into. In fact small cities often hire the worst officers not having the funds or resources to find better ones.

In the end the public is victimized, murdered, abused and traumatized by the very people we pay huge salaried to who we expect should be protecting us.

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Typical tactic by dishonest police departments is to dis-credit the victims to try and rationalize their crimes. Such as this BS the victim was wanted on a felony warrant which means nothing. Can we focus on two adults with deadly force who gang style, cuffed and beat a defenseless human? Fact is this was wrong and both
these officers should be fired and prosecuted for assault. After all you can’t be a police officer with a gun after committing such a crime.

What needs to be made public is not mug shots of the victims but statements by people who know the police officers and witnessed what monsters they really are.

What people really think about how the media hides info on the guilty officers and portrays them as the victims.

“I went to high school with holloway, and if im right about martinez being a dhs cop in the past I hope he gets what he deserves! He roughed up a few friends in dhs so this is not surprising news! What a dirty pig!”

“You and your sister station consistently posts pictures of alleged suspects. What about the faces of the cops who allegedly beat the man? This is wrong!”

America must wake up and start removing all the rights of the real criminals, stop with allowing them to retire with benefits and later taking on lawsuits to claim they were the real victims.

Letter from the victim

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