Officer Vahak Mardikian

glendale california police sergeant vahak mardikian arrested by undercover police

Glendale California Police Officer
Vahak Mardikian

Vahak Mardikian is a good example of the frauds we hire today in law enforcement. We give them badges, authority and let them loose on our streets.

Vahak Mardikian was on vacation in Las Vegas was charged with soliciting prostitution after a sting involving an undercover Metro cop.

According to an arrest report, Vahak Mardikian, 48, of Grenada Hills, CA, was arrested in the early morning hours of Aug. 8 at a casino property in the 3500 block of Las Vegas Boulevard South.

Las Vegas Metro police said Vahak Mardikian was held after a conversation with a woman who claimed to be working as a prostitute. The arrest report states the woman was actually an undercover officer with Metro’s Vice Bureau.

During his conversation, Vahak Mardikian asked the woman several times whether she was an officer working undercover as well as whether she knew two other men sitting near them at a bar were also cops. The arrest report states the men were indeed undercover officers.

Citing Vahak Mardikian, the arrest report states Vahak Mardikian claimed to be working on the “other end” of the officer’s supposed profession. He also asks Vahak Mardikian what kind of sexual acts she’s performed, what she’s willing to do and where they could engage in the acts.

The document states Vahak Mardikian and the undercover officer agreed to go to the woman’s apartment for a specific sexual act in exchange for $250 and gas money. The two also made arrangements to meet separately at the woman’s car in a parking garage in order to not look “obvious,” according to the report.

Police said officers made the arrest on Vahak Mardikian after she walked away with money for gas.

Vahak Mardikian was booked into Clark County Detention Center on the count of soliciting prostitution.

Glendale police sergeant charged with soliciting undercover Vegas cop

Police Officer Arrested For Soliciting Las Vegas Undercover Cop

glendale california police sergeant vahak mardikian arrested by undercover police

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