Police and Courts Public Message Killing is the Solution

police and courts send message to the public that killing is the solution

Is this what America is all about? The shooting of Michael Brown is a typical example of what is wrong with Police today.

Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot dead on August 9 by Darren Wilson, a white police officer. Some witnesses say the teenager assaulted the officer at the outset and tried to grab his gun; other witnesses say Wilson was the aggressor. All accounts agree that Brown ran and then turned back … but to attack or surrender?

All over America the message is loud and clear, killing by police is approved and rewarded. Police unions, courts and government work on a daily basis with killer cops do more to protect them than the tax payer and public. Their lives are worth more than yours. Fact is if anyone else was caught on video choking a man to death, let him die as he cried out almost a dozen times for help. They would be in jail, beat, lose everything they own and worked for in the process. Yet the same system that does this to you, fails to do it to equally. Michael Brown was
shot to death by a problem officer who never should have been in possession of deadly force.

Its not just minorities, police kill for no reason, then cover up their crimes with excuses and lies. “They reached for something”, were known to be dangerous, deserved it, it looked like a gun, I feared for others, etc. A mistake could be explained by 1 accidental shot but thousands of cases prove beyond a doubt police often unload their weapons at unarmed people with little reason or cause.

Bigger more powerful guns are not saving lives, instead causing more death by releasing more fire power and rounds which often are fired in urban areas putting everyone in danger even those not involved.

Just about anyone can become a police officer, no matter how much training that person gets it won’t stop what’s going on. When you give a gun and badge to an evil, dishonest, bully, control freak, insecure, thug or mentally challenged person the results will end badly. Ego will take over where common sense and morals are needed. The uniform hides the real monsters we hire and give deadly force to, just as the black robes of shame are worn by judges who cheat, lie and allow corruption in our courts. Be sure to view the videos explaining Officer Darren Wilson’s actions and perhaps why he killed Michael Brown.

Typical police response is to blame the victim, degrade his image, however Officer Darren Wilson seems to have the demented and problem past, yet police don’t want to share that. Instead they attack the character of Michael Brown.

Missouri teen shot by police was two days away from starting college

How government helped to stop justice and helped a bad cop get away with murder SEE VIDEO BELOW 

Problem people seek control and power by becoming police officers and hide behind the lie, “I want to help people”. Fact is they’re using their position to terrorize, abuse, commit crimes and even murder people. With protection, backing and immunity by government. You need to understand what this all means, a problem person can break the law by merely pretending to “serve and protect” and seeking employment for a badge and gun. They become ABOVE THE LAW. This is what draws the wrong people into law enforcement, its that power, control and false sense of respect they seek.

The public trusts an image, a uniform or statement like “Serving and Protecting” however none of that matters when you hire and give power to the wrong person.

The message is clear, the evidence is massive, the stats of deaths by police is often minimized. View the following video with documented evidence how police can create a problem, break laws and then use deadly force to back up nothing more than their inflated egos. This is how people are murdered.

Its obvious some people don’t want to accept the truth. They don’t want to admit the fact that our system might not be the greatest in the world or that all this propaganda about America being the land of “everyone being equal” and “having rights” is really a lie. The fact are there are two classes in America, those with power and money (cops included) and the rest of us. However the rest of us are forced to pay taxes, obey law and do as told “or else”.

The Michael Brown murder is just one example of thousands of killings that are taking place in just a period of one year. By dysfunctional police with ego problems and lack of respect for life. These rationalized killings are justified and approved by the vary people who should be upholding law.

police and courts send message to the public that killing is the solution

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