AMERICA NEEDS SOLUTIONS to a broken system

On every newspaper, TV program we have Police, Judges, Lawyers and Government personnel who are dis-honest, lack ethics and morals. Criminals who found their way to positions of power, control and authority. California TOP SHERIFF was removed for corruption. People are put in prison by police who know they’re not guilty. Government folk who lie to send us to war.
Americans are forced to accept DRUG TESTING to clean up a problem. Our
legal system needs change and it demands TESTING, Annual Testing to ensure
every American is treated fairly, honestly and ethically. We no longer can accept the sworn oath.

Michael Carona Orange County CA Sheriff TOP COP
Almost all of Los Angeles Superior Court judges accept bribes
Los Angeles Police Corruption, Murder and Cover Ups continue
Man Imprisoned for 26 years, LAPD LIED, management cover up
Kids for cash Scandal, Exposed totally corrupt judge
The internet has thousand of documented cases of lawyers, judges and police

There are other methods for testing for honesty that are now 100% proven
See FMri technology and this LINK

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