Manipulation and influencing Doctors by the conservator Sylvia Schmidt

fact Sylvia and gary a schmidt with the help of lawyer christopher overgaard phillip barbaro jr violet boskovich judges candace j beason judge mary thorton house county of los angeles

Doctors, APS, Social workers, PVP counsel, lawyers and judge have relied on the statements of Sylvia Schmidt. Schmidt and Overgaard (her lawyer) formed conservatorship on perjury. The court can not trust or confirm any statements, documents, accounting or billing by Schmidt. April 25th 2008 Schmidt wrote Gertrude’s psychiatrist Dr. Said Jacob. Note the following statements. 1. Request for letter documenting Gertrude’s current diagnosis. It appears Schmidt is asking for Dr. Jacobs diagnosis regarding his actual meetings with Gertrude however she then adds information not known or verifiable by the doctor. 2. Sylvia wants Dr. Jacob to tailor a letter to… Continue reading