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In regards to your comment or submission

We are NOT anti police, lawyers, judges or government, no matter what you think of how our pages are worded people are victimized, robbed, abused and murdered so they have a right to
appear upset and dramatic.

We get hundreds of submissions to be added to our website. We can not be held responsible for errors or typos.

We are NOT paid to provide a service.
We have been victimized by the legal system and those involved in that system.

What we offer is a free online website that can be found via Google when victims search
the internet for other victims of the same abusers.

Please do not demand action or a quick response as our work is done by volunteers with pay.

If you wish to have your info, data, submission added as quickly as possible please make sure you include the following:

Provide a 2 page (SHORT) summary of:

  1. Who you are?
  2. Where you or the victim you’re reporting is?
  3. What happened to you or the victim you’re reporting for?
  4. Current situation you or the victim are in?
  5. What needs to be done?
  6. All parties involved?

Please always include city, state, county, zip
Judge, lawyer, police or government person full name and agency info involved

You can also include photos, PDF documents and evidence photos to be posted

We can then begin to add you or the victim to our database and pages.


If you left the above out or your submission was not complete do another submission with the missing info.

If you’re only writing to complain please include what YOU’RE doing with your free time to help stop the abuse.

Thank you

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