Ugly Judge


AMERICA, before you think you don’t have a say in WHOSE PUT IN POSITION’S OF POWER consider we end up as victims and allow America to be destroyed and robbed. Do your part and SHARE THIS INFO WITH EVERYONE, post it freely, get others involved, find other victims in your area, put your issue on the internet and network. WE MUST PUT A STOP to what’s going on and WHO is doing it.

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America, we’re being taken advantage of, we’re told we’re broke yet we have TRILLIONS of dollars for war. We’re told we’re FREE yet most of our constitutional rights have been revoked, manipulated or changed. We have a congress who speak and work for 1% of America instead of THE PEOPLE (the 99%). We have millions of illegal immigrants who take advantage of our health services, schools, drive without licenses, take our jobs and nothing is done. We have a huge border without a fence which allows easy crossing. Government TSA has allowed government to charge over 50% taxes and fees on all travel. Police agencies are arming officers with military grade weapons which are used in civilian neighborhoods, CHILDREN ARE BEING SHOT TO DEATH by trigger happy police See FULL STORY

GOOD LAWYERS are silenced by bad judges for reporting THEIR CRIMES. The Majority of Los Angeles Superior Court judges have been proven to accept bribes. SEE FULL STORY

Judges who have caused death such as Los Angeles Superior Court Presiding Judge Aviva K. Bobb are allowed to retire early to escape investigation with full pay and go on to do more harm working at ARC in Century City CA. See STORY

OUR COURTS AND GOVERNMENT ARE USED TO STEAL, LIE, CHEAT AND ROB AMERICANS. Our justice system is based on who has more money not justice or right and wrong. WAKE UP Why are the GOOD PEOPLE in power ignored, attacked and jailed? GOOD PEOPLE

THIS IS NOT ABOUT ANTI POLICE, JUDGES, LAWYERS OR GOVERNMENT, It’s about removing the BAD ONES and why aren’t the good ones doing anything about it?

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