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Lycoming County Corrupt Justice

SCUMBAG NEIGHBORS conspiring with a CORRUPT State Trooper–Matthew Sweet (Montoursville)

Neighbors conspiring with a childish, jealous cop, because I don’t have the financial burden or responsibilities that he does, and he just wants to arrest someone because it will make him a bunch of new friends, no matter how HORRIBLE these SCUMBAGS ARE !Now there is at east 6 reasons why this corrupt cop arrested me 3 times and never once came to me first to get my side of things.

He is a jealous prick because he has 5 kids, a wife, and mother-in-law to support, and he has to help keep his house clean when he goes home, AND I DON’T.

  • He looks at the majority of haters and that’s the side he takes, just like the cowards in school that side with the bullies, so they won’t start picking on them.

  • This is payback for not allowing a cop’s kid beat me up because I saw him make a dope deal.

  • This is payback for a trooper Toboz, who arrested me for a hate crime, alleging that I called my neighbor a Jew, never getting my side first, and he lost the trial.

  • He has an ATV himself that he uses to TRESPASS on private property, he blocked my name on “facebook” when he posted a picture of it.(Dec-2013)

  • He was made aware that I had a Smith & Wesson 629 stainless .44 magnum worth $1600, and as a result of his corrupt arrests, he now is in possession of this gun.

He did attempt to arrest me a 4th time, on another lie, just to try and get a silver scope that he knew that I had, that was bought for that S&W .44 mag.



TRESPASSING with ATV’s in PA— DCNR law, you cannot ride on private property without OWNERS PERMISSION !

It was 9 years of living with the scum of the earth of Trout Run, jealous because I don’t work, not married, and have no kids to support. They tried to tell me what they are going to do on my property, even before I went to the closing. I said “Not anymore–THE PROPERTY WILL BE POSTED”. And the main thing that they don’t like is my keeping my woods all cleaned up, I pick up all the branches and dead wood, and it looks nice. When I first moved here, the neighbors saw how nice it looked and a couple of them started to do it on their own properties but soon realized that it was a lot of work, so they quit. So this is why they want so bad to mess up my property. And then they found out that I got a “NO SURFACE RIGHTS” lease on my property, and that’s what drove them to attack.

Most properties within 1000′ of mine are posted, her are 5 more

This punk was told to stay off my property many times, but when the June family moved next to me, his harassing me only increased. He always looks for something to vandalize, or something to steal for drug money.
This PUNK ( LOGAN MCGOVERN ) always came on my property

Ionce caught him with his nose pressed up against a window in my garage looking in. I gave him hell and followed him back to his house and gave his mother hell (Ronda) for allowing him to continue to come on my property. She bitches at me then calls police and tries to have me arrested for giving her hell, this was 2 days before Halloween 2009. A couple days later, she tries to have me arrested for shooting at a target on a tree stump, on my property, was only 2 shots.


If this picture doesn’t spell DOPE nothing does !
The following spring, I hear pounding of metal, so I walk 900′ down toward their house and see that this Logan Mcgovern hammered over my survey stake so he could come down and spin donuts with his ATV in the corner of my property, Robinson’s and his. I stood there about 200′ away and watched him being an asshole. He bent the stake over so it wouldn’t rip up his tires. I have a NO TRESPASSING SIGN there right next to the stake. He had already shot at it many times from his porch.

As you can see, I keep the property clean and picked up. This was an area where there was once a cabin and this was the front yard. It is the next place that Logan Mcgovern brings his ATV to spin donuts and mess it up.
This picture was taken 10-30-2005 after storm “Wilma”



October of 2010, Logan Mcgovern decides to mess up this area since he couldn’t get a rise out of me by spinning donuts in the corner of my property. When I left my property, the June family saw me leave as they always do, because I have to drive by their house, and they called Mcgovern to tell them that I’m not home. When I got home, I found this done and followed the tracks and they went to Mcgovern’s property toward their house. These tire ruts were as much as 11″ deep in the yard of the cabin.


I blocked off his path with branches, where he came on my property with his ATV I try to keep any ways into my property blocked off, plus there are NO TRESPASSING signs all around. The following spring, Logan Mcgovern finds another way around through his property to get back in this spot and mess it up real bad. Once again he waits until he gets a call from Jacob June, letting him know that I have left my property and nobody’s home. When I was leaving, a Melissa June stood at her door watching me go by, so when I got home, I checked out my property and found this.

One week later, JUNE 10, 2011, I was down at the cabin yard trying to fill in these ruts. I had already blocked off the other way that Mcgovern got here and was sure there was no other way of getting in. I see him coming down toward my property, while looking down at the ruts that have been filled in. I was hiding behind a tree and waited until he was well in on my property before I jumped out and surprised him. I started to give him hell for messing up my property. He starts coming at me like he’s gonna take a poke at me, so I pulled out my hunting knife and let him know that’s a bad idea. He stops and starts telling me that it wasn’t him and it was friends of his. He then says that he would tell them not to come on my property, and he left
JUNE 3, 2011

NOTICE the HARDINGS on this and also the alias of JACOB JUNE(Juin)
NOTICE the SAME HARDINGS on this friends list for MICHAEL HARDING

The very next day, JUNE 11, 2011, I was out in my garden pulling weeds at about 10:30AM, when I heard this yelling like a bunch of half-wits coming from down in the woods. At first, I ignored it and it got louder as I see one of them coming toward my house while yelling, on a red ATV. I went over to my ATV, but it was out of gas, so I grabbed my .44 magnum on the porch and headed into the woods to see what’s going on. About 300′ into the woods I see this guy headed toward me again while yelling his yahoos and yeehaws. When he sees me, he does a quick U turn and heads to the other guy to let him know that I was coming. When I got close enough to see what’s going on, I could see that they were both in the yard of the cabin spinning donuts, messing up what I just fixed the day before. I could see this “Michael Harding” telling a “Nathan Godiska” that I was coming. I was running toward another path that leads away from there figuring they would take it. They did and I headed them off and ran in the path in front of them and tried to get them to stop. They would not stop and intended to run me down. I turned and fired 4 warning shots into the horizon (where the sky meets the ground), they continued toward my house on that path. As I started up the path toward my house, I could see them turning around. Right then I realized, that their plan was to get me away from my house and to do what? I ran up the path and could see that they were ready to come at me a second time, so I pointed the gun at the one that appeared to be the leader of this (Michael Harding), as he gave me that look like he was having a lot of fun and isn’t going to stop. I could see that he was on some kind of drug that he would laugh in the face of death. I first yelled at them from about 100′ to “get the Hell off my property”.


Here is the SAME LOOK that I got just after he tried to run me down

I tried to find out if Mcgovern sent them, but they weren’t talking. They made up a story that a bunch of kids told them there was a mud hole here to ride in, yeah, that’s right, the 3 Mcgovern kids. Nobody else can get in to see the mudhole that Mcgovern made of my property. The next day they called the police. They told them that it happened at 12:30, they left my property at around 11:00, so it took 1.5 hours to do this. I figure they waited for their drug high to go away first. I hung around close to the house expecting them to come back, probably with a gun or bigger mob. The next day I drove my backhoe down to try and fix the ruts again, and while I was down there, a Tpr Beadle had come to my house(JUNE 12). I saw the tracks he made in my yard with his car. JUNE 28, I get a call from a Tpr Matthew Sweet on the phone, and he pretends that Anadarko is having me arrested for something and he wanted to talk to me. He expected me to drive to Montoursville for this and I said forget it, make it somewhere closer. So he agreed to meet at Fry’s restaurant, 1 mile away from here. I drive over and they immediately arrest me and cuff me.

Here is where I was parked (green truck)


They had a search warrant to get my gun and the clothes I was wearing that day, and I tried to get one of them to drive my truck back but none of the 5 cops would do that. When I get to my house, I gave them the gun, and told them I was the one. But they ripped my house apart anyway, most likely looking for something good to steal. But now I hearing From trooper Sweet a ridiculous story of what happened. Of course these 2 scumbags came on my property intentionally to harass me and vandalize my property, and won’t tell the cops that. They had a ridiculous story that I pointed my gun and said “stick em up”, they said I was wearing military style green clothes, said I told them I was shooting at their tires, and said I led them off my property at gun point. And then Sweet pulls out pictures of a dent in the red ATV and said I shot it and the bullet bounced and went through the body and pieces of plastic were embedded into Harding’s arm. It was over 24 hours after this happened, before these scumbag pricks called the police, and claiming a gunshot wound. Sweet wanted me to show them where everything happened so we went into the woods. When I tried to show Sweet where these 2 guys ran over small trees and made a path to get on my property for a distance of 73′, I turned and saw him holding a pen next to a “No Trespassing sign”, while taking a picture, as to try to prove my signs were too small to see. But he didn’t have a problem finding them. Sweet tells me that I shot the ATV where they were turning around, when we get there, none of the cops looked around for plastic particles. This is when I realized this is a corrupt son of a bitch. MY SCUMBAG NEIGHBORS FINALLY FOUND A CORRUPT COP TO DO THEIR DIRTY WORK ! He takes me to be finger printed and then to prison on $125,000 bail. I spend 3 days in prison before I get the money for bail. I hired a William Miele for my attorney, he advised me to take a plea, or go to prison for 22-44 years for defending myself and my property on my property. When I tried to post bail JULY 1, Tpr Sweet tried to stall it by getting my brother to move my truck from the Turkey Ranch first. My brother was trying to post my bail. Both sets of keys were in the prison, so he had to get the tow truck driver to open the door to get it up on the flatbed to haul it to my house. When my bail was posted, I had to go to Judge Sortman first, because he wanted all my guns, when I was in his court, I asked him if I could tell him what’s going on with this corrupt arrest and he says “I don’t want to hear it”. When I get home, I could see that my truck had been driven around while I was in prison, tank was almost empty and seats were all the way back and steering wheel up. And then I find out from my brother, that Tpr Sweet went to “Pets N You” to get his and my phone numbers from my sister-in-law, turns out that he worked with her before he became a cop. This is where he learned that I was never married, had any kids, and saved my money so I could retire when I was 44. This is the jealousy problem he has with me. And now I’m wondering if he conspired with Harding to bounce a bullet off that one ATV and credit me for it.


These 2 pricks should have been arrested on this Federal crime for “intentionally” coming on my property

A Place to get PHONE NUMBERS–A pet store?

5 ids, 1 wife, 1 dog, and a mother-in-law to SUPPORT !

The same day I paid my bail, Tpr Sweet first makes me pay $60 to tow my truck and he’s right down at Wheels of Williamsport with an overkill list of parts to pay for on the ATV with a bullet dent. The only part I saw was a dent in a $20 bumper, and Sweet comes up with $553 for 2 headlights and all the hardware plus old damage. Show me a person that can fire one shot and knock out 2 headlights. All you need to do is look at the pictures and both bulbs are good. This was an obvious deal, If someone suggested shooting your ATV, you would say NO, but if he says he’ll get 5 times more than the damage, then you’d let him. While I was out on bail waiting for sentencing, I was lining the edge of my property with logs and tree stumps to keep trespassers off, premanently. Ronda Mcgovern doens’t like it so she calls state police and tries to have me arrested for scattering rubbish on her property. It wasn’t until over 2 years later when I found out that she claimed I spread rocks and nails in her yard. Tpr Edwards responded but did nothing. So she calls Tpr Sweet the same day and they conspire to fabricate an arrest for allegedly cutting a wire on her ATV back 9 months before when her kid first trashed my yard in front of the cabin. Now I have 2 arrests by the same corrupt prick.

Logs placed next to McGovern and my property

PUNK runs from my camera Time comes where I have to go to my summary trial and also waive the preliminary trial in order to take the plea deal. As I was leaving to go to Judge Sortman’s court, I see this smart ass punk(Jacob June) waiting up near my gate with a smug look on his face. He knew I’d be leaving since he is one of these families that conspire to harass me, I reached in my truck to get a camera so I’d have a picture of this punk, just in case he has vandalism on his mind. It was just a few weeks before, that his dad threatened to kill me and burn my house. That day this punk threw mud on my sign on my gate, half ripped it off, and he threw the highway cone off my survey stake and tried to pull it. Then he pulled a hemlock tree that I planted the year before. When I saw that he did this, I gave his dad hell and told him that his punk kid was out of control, he comes running at me with the attitude he’s gonna beat the shit out of me but finds me with a gun, but still threatens to kill me, and burn my house.

June 18, 2011– Jacob June threw mud on sign and ripped it off, the same day, Tpr Sweet and his possee were on Mcgoverns property looking for where Harding and Godiska “unknowingly” drove onto my property


Same day–Jacob June threw this cone, tried to pull stake and pulled tree next to it


Trooper Sweet tells the newspaper that these ATV riders unknowingly came onto my property


When Tpr Sweet searched my house, not only did he take my .44 magnum, but he took a blue and white hoodies, green coveralls, beige winter coat, blue sock hat and baseball cap, holster and bullets. The search warrant specified military green button down type shirt and military green dickies, which I don’t own. Just another sign of corruption, wanting just to take as much away from me as he could. These ATV pricks came on my property on the 11th but took Tpr Sweet until the 28th to arrest me, that’s because he runs around to all my neighbors to get their opinion of me and tries to get all of them to have me arrested for anything that they can think of, he even told one neighbor to make something up. He also told him that if it were up to him, I’d be buying all the neighbors a new ATV. I think he needed all this time to make sure he didn’t make any mistakes in his fabricated evidence. Those pricks that rode their ATVs on my property, broke at least 15 PA laws when they came on my property and weren’t arrested. You cannot ride without registration, insurance, helmet, cannot trespass on private property without permission, and cannot damage property or person on any land. But since I’ve been researching things, I see that Tpr Sweet has the same idea that most ATV riders have, they think they can just go anywhere they please, as HE DOES IT HIMSELF. The day he posted this on his facebook, he blocked my name and also called the June family and told them to do the same.

DCNR ATV law (it’s illegal to go on private property without owners permission) DCNR laws

Tpr Sweet’s ATV on private property and not his, notice the permanent tree stand

Logan Mcgovern, a perfect candidate to be another CORRUPT COP ! Tpr Sweet was made aware that this Logan Mcgovern was going to this State Police Honor Camp in a few weeks, another biased reason for Tpr Sweet being an asshole. That Michael Harding lives in Allentown but comes up here to piss off the neighbors, sell dope, and stays with his uncle, which I’m being told is also a cop. Another biased reason for Tpr Sweet to be an asshole.


My attorney advised me to take a plea deal, or I’d get 22-44 years in state prison if found guilty and he says that he’s sure that I would be. And now that I see what ASSHOLES JURORS can be, I’m glad I didn’t take it to court. Also this asshole attorney (Miele) will not say anything to make the cops look bad, would not research anything, just wants to play their game. Tpr Sweet always makes sure on any of his CORRUPT arrests, that a plea deal includes a charge with a Misdemeanor-1, that way that person loses his rights to own guns. This is his paranoia, fear of retaliation for his corrupt arrests. His next corrupt arrest, he sits up by the highway in his car, while 18 other cops take me down, 12 being SERT(Mansfield) and the rest from Montoursville


The following CHARGES should have been applied to my SCUMBAG NEIGHBORS instead of me being charged for not being SUBSERVIENT to my fucking neighbors!


Logan McGovern

  • 18PA § 903(1) Criminal conspiracy-conspired with another person or persons with the intent of promoting or facilitating it’s commission (1) agrees with such other person or persons that they will engage in conduct which constitutes a crime- Defendant(Logan Mcgovern) conspired with michael Harding and Nathan Godiska through(Sarah or Travis Harding) to teach me a lesson that I can’t keep ATV riders off my property, only 20 hours after being told to stay off my land.

  • 18PA § 3503(b.2) Agricultural Trespasser-(i)Defendant(Logan Mcgovern) entered with ATV on such lands that are posted in a manner prescribed by law.

  • 75 Pa.C.S. § 3717 Trespass by Motor Vehicle-(c) Defendant(Mcgovern) did do damage to, or recklessly caused damage to real property by means of a motor vehicle, causing ground breakage, digging, and sod damage by spinning donuts with a Yamaha ATV, causing landscaping damage in approximate $1000

  • 75Pa.C.S. § 7724 (a)(1)Operation on private property-No person shall operate ATV on private real property without the consent of the owner thereof.- Defendant(Mcgovern) did trespass with ATV on my property without my permission.


Janet Domingus

  • 18PA § 903(2)Criminal conspiracy-agrees to aid persons in the planning or commission of such crime or of an attempt to commit such crime. Defendant(Domingus) did provide ATV’s for this crime.

  • 75 Pa.C.S. § 3717(c)Damage to real property by operation of motor vehicle- knowingly caused damage to real or personal property by means of the operation of her vehicle on private property where digging, ground breakage, or other damage to land, sod or soil, or damage to trees.

  • 75 Pa.C.S. § 7712(d)Application for Title & Registration shall be made within 15 days of bringing ATV into the commonwealth- Defendant(Domingus) did not have DCNR registration or plates on ATVs used in this crime.

  • 75 Pa.C.S. § 7730(a)Liability Insurance- shall have liability insurance by a company authorized to do business in this Commonwealth-Defendant(Domingus) had insurance for the state of Florida only and was not covered for the state of PA.

  • 75 Pa.C.S. § 7729(a)Liability of owner for negligence- owner of ATV used or operated in the Commonwealth shall be liable and responsible for death or injury to person or damage to property resulting from negligence in the use or operation of ATV by any person using or operation the ATV with the permission, express or implied, of such owner. Landscaping damage amounting to $1000 damage to the sod and vegetation.

  • 75 Pa.C.S. § 7726(b)Permitting unsafe operation-Defendant(Domingus) did allow persons to use and control her ATVs while under the influence of controlled substances.

Michael Harding and Nathan Godiska

  • 18 U.S.C. § 241 Conspiracy Against Rights- Defendants(Harding & Godiska) did intentionally trespass onto my property to do property damage and attempt bodily injury with the operation of ATVs as a part of a conspiracy with Logan and Ronda Mcgovern. Defendant(Harding) repeatedly drove toward my house while yelling to get my attention, to get me into the woods to investigate on what was happening.

  • 18 PA § 903(1) agrees with such other person that they will engage in conduct which constitutes a crime- Defendants conspired with (Sarah or Travis Harding) through Logan Mcgovern to teach me a lesson that I cannot tell ATV riders to stay off my property.

  • 18 PA § 3503(b.2)Agricultural trespasser(i)Defendant entered on such lands that are posted in a manner prescribed by law.

  • 18 PA § 4910(2) Fabricating physical evidence- Defendants did make evidence of a bullet dent in ATV bumper knowing it to be false with intent to mislead a public servant or conspired with, to do same.

  • 18 PA § 2702(1)Aggrivated Assault- attempted to cause serious bodily injury to me intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly by atempting to run me down with ATVs when I tried to get them to stop.

  • 75 Pa.C.S. § 3717 Trespass by motor vehicle-(c) Defendants did damage to real property knowingly, and recklessly by use of ATVs on my property.

  • 75 Pa.C.S. § 7726 Operation In a Safe Manner- Defendants did operate ATVs in a careless way to endanger the person or property of another(3)while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance.

  • 17 Pa.C.S. § 51.93 Helmet Requirements-Defendants did not possess helmets

  • 18 PA § 2701(3)Simple Assault- Defendants did by physical menace put me in fear of imminent serious bodily injury by attempting to run into me with ATVs


Ronda Mcgovern

  • 18 PA § 903(2)Criminal Conspiracy- agrees to aid persons in the planning or commission of such crime or of an attempt to commit such crime. Defendant provided her ATV for this crime.

  • 75 Pa.C.S. § 3717(c) Damage to real property by operation of motor vehicle- knowing that the operation of a motor vehicle will cause damage to real or personal property. Defendant knew that ATV would cause damage.

  • 75 Pa.C.S. § 7729(a)Liability of owner for negligence- Defendant claims to be the owner of said ATV used to cause damage to my property. Estimate $1000 damage.

  • 75 Pa.C.S. § 7726(b)Permitting unsafe operation- Defendant did allow her son to use her ATV knowing that he was under the age of 16.

  • 18 PA § 4906 False reports to law enforcement authorities- Defendant did give false informationto authorities(a)(1)to implicate me, knowing that it did not occur- Defendant said I threw rocks and nails in her yard. Defendant fabricates another false report the same day or about, because trooper would not arrest me, tells another trooper that I cut a wire on her ATV 9 months prior.

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