Dr. David W. Trader

Dr. David W. Trader
I came upon the name Dr. David W. Trader years ago when the court offered to have Gertrude Gettinger

examined to see if she was capable to appear in court to testify about the embezzlement of over $200k in bank funds by her own child Sylvia Schmidt.
Sylvia and husband Gary A. Schmidt were named by Gertrude back in 2005 in a LAPD Report as the sole suspects of a burglary of Gertrude’s home where her bank documents, identification, property deed, cash and credit cards were stolen. Sylvia also went thru great legal expense to squash subpoena’s during discovery of a petition to have her removed. Oddly the only bank account subpoena’s squashed were for 2 bank accounts that had closed years ago but were reported to the probate department as missing from the accounting Schmidt presented to the court. Why would Schmidt not want to find $200k in missing bank funds to help with the care of her mother Gertrude?

Gertrude accused ONLY Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt of the following:
Mail forwarding before the conservatorship to gain access to bank statements, utility bills, ID, Property Deed, cash and credit cards
Re-Key Gertrude’s home when at work or asleep
Shut off Utilities
Stop Gertrude from paying her bills
Send perjured statements and evidence of mental issues with Gertrude to APS and the City of Los Angeles (Threaten to sue if they don’t act).
Perjure a conservatorship petition to force a conservatorship
Claim she was not in contact with other family members and had not phone numbers or addresses
Fail to help her mother with food and support
Isolate her mother and make her appear mentally ill by starving her
Call at all hours of the night and day to harass and cause her mother stress

Conservatorship Rules are almost always ignored by the judge and attorneys involved

Once conserved via a fraudulent petition Sylvia wasted no time transferring bank accounts and investments Gertrude spent 60 year earning working as a maid to support her family into her name. Gertrude’s actual home address was incorrectly given to the Probate assessor so the Probate department never made an independent accounting of Gertrude’s home and possessions.

Judge Aviva K. Bobb quickly assigned her own PVP Violet M. Boskovich who failed to represent Gertrude’s cries for help and true version of what had happened to her. Instead Violet M. Boskovich twisted the truth and facts to help the guilty, dishonest party to¬† continue her perjury, crimes, fraud, embezzlement and elder abuse. Gertrude was refused the right to create a will because (she always disinherited Sylvia Schmidt).

Violet M. Boskovich went to far as to lie to Dr. David W. Trader by telling the doctor in writing the exam’s purpose was for”

NOTE: You realize one thing about Los Angeles Superior Court Probate department. The names involved in a very evil, unethical, cruel and immoral conspiracy are always the same. They pick their clan carefully as to make sure they all go along with a carefully planned conspiracy to fleece the elderly, disabled, mentally stressed (also can include perfectly normal victims who have money), weak, helpless and defenseless. These the lowest form of scum on the earth. People who prey on others lives and savings. They hide behind fancy titles and false images of protector. The real goal is profit, control and grand theft on the biggest scale in the world. When exposed they’re a privileged class that gets to keep their benefits, fancy titles ie. (Retired) and even powers to continue their crimes and abuse in the private sector. Their influence and reach withing government goes deep involving police, FBI, DOJ and the Commission on Judicial Performance. With that being said it’s become impossible for victims to get justice or help when being victimized by the very people who have sworn to an oath to protect and serve the victims.

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