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mount joy borough police officer jason smith assaults citizen should be fired

Mount Joy Borough police officer Jason Smith assaults citizen should be fired. This is a typical problem person who weaseled his way into a job with authority and deadly force. This guy never should have been hired, out of shape, obvious bully with huge ego and attitude issues.

Mount Joy Borough, PA — Lebanon resident and city council candidate Royal Marti said he was verbally abused and assaulted by officer Jason Smith between 2 and 3 a.m. on March 31 when he and his boyfriend stopped at a local convenience store.

The two-wheeled gas powered scooter in the video used to be called a “liquor cycle,” as they were the only personal transportation option for those who’d been convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Now, with many states requiring insurance, license plates and registration, liquor cycles are now just an economical way to get around.

But for two gay men who stopped at a local gas station for slushies, the night took a turn for the worse when they ran into officer Jason Smith , some have said was on a power trip and didn’t want his ego challenged. The video begins after the officer allegedly called Marti a “dick wad.”

Officer Jason Smith can be heard proclaiming, “If you want to go out there and start putting out things, why don’t you start trying to tell the truth for once. I didn’t call you a dick wad, you just called me a douchebag.”

“If you want to start up shit I’ll take you in for disorderly conduct,” officer Jason Smith promised. “Yep, this is how you act,” the man replied. “No, this is how you act!” officer Jason Smith  said.

Tired of being harassed, Marti’s boyfriend Christopher Eugene Hostetter, the owner and driver of the scooter said he’d “just push it” home, but pleaded his case with officer Jason Smith .

“I don’t have a key for it, and it’s insured, and I’m not driving it,” he said describing the moment the officer Jason Smith  began running his plates.

“As soon as I verify that, you can be on your way,” replied officer Jason Smith .

“He has no legal right. In the State of Pennsylvania, you have to be violating a law to be pulled over,” Marti replied as his Hostetter told him he would be contacting a lawyer to sue.

Marti continued narrating the perceived harassment by police, but it seems officer Jason Smith  was ready to take it to the next level.

“I don’t really care what you say I’m allowed to do,” officer Jason Smith said — and then he punched the kid in the face.

“You stick that camera in my face again…,”officer Jason Smith  said as the two ran into the store to tell the clerk they’d just been assaulted by the cop.

The video doesn’t show Marti sticking the phone in officer Jason Smith’s face, but it does show officer Jason Smith walking towards him and punching the camera, in what appears to be a clear violation of public policy.

The city council candidate ran inside the 7 Eleven and told the store clerk to call State Police and said he’d just been hit in the face by officer Jason Smith .

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P lease go to the Mount Joy Borough Police department Facebook page and express your opinion on what you think about this officers actions HERE

The Mount Joy police chief said Friday that he has to remain more or less mum after a Lebanon man posted a video online that he says shows a borough police officer Jason Smith slapping a cell phone out of his hand.

“Since this is both a litigation and personnel matter, the borough is constrained as to the comments which it can offer publicly,” Chief Maurice Williams Jr. said in a statement. reports that officer Jason Smith was disciplined over the incident. The news site also reported that the man who posted the video, Royal Marti, said he put it on YouTube Thursday after borough officials didn’t reply to his request for an out-of-court monetary settlement over the March 31 incident.

The video, which Marti said was shot with the camera on his phone, starts with Marti and Officer Jason Smith exchanging words in the store parking lot. The verbal confrontation continued as officer Jason Smith apparently awaited the results of a check on the license of a motor scooter Marti, who is a Lebanon City Council candidate, and his boyfriend were riding.

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