Officer Dan Ferritto

Officer Dan Ferritto
Yet another abusive cop is investigated, it needs to be accepted their hiring the worng people for the job and when exposed bullies and thungs like this must be removed from working in law enforcement forever.

Patrolman Dan Ferritto received a letter of reprimand for a comment made on police radio.This follows discipline handed out to the arresting officer.

Euclid police said officer Michael Amiott used too much force beating a man while arresting him for driving with a suspended license and resisting arrest. Amiott has been suspended a total of 45 days by the police chief and the mayor.

Now, the I-Team obtained police radio recordings showing what led to the letter of reprimand against officer  Dan Ferritto.

Officer Dan Ferritto is not listed as one of the officers on scene. The recording shows he chimed in on police radio shortly after the arrest saying, ”And it wasn’t supposed to be that much fun.”

While a boss found Officer Dan Ferritto showed “unbecoming conduct,” records also show he came forward on his own and told a supervisor what he had done.

His comments alone show what kind of person Officer Dan Ferritto is and should be fired for his actions. There is no excuse to have someone who did was Officer Dan Ferritto as a police officer and its a sign of issues.


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