Westchester County Police

 Westchester county police department conspired to help Con Edison to commit medical fraud against me

All Diesel truck driver are being exposed black and white drivers.

This document proves that the Westchester county police department conspired to help Con Edison to commit medical fraud against me, which is a felony. It had also exposed thousands of the Company employee to a category 1 carcinogen. I filed a complaint with The Department Of Labor (OSHA) on December 11 2014 and on December 29 2014, I was terminated for filing that complaint. Almost 5 years later employees are still being exposed to this category 1 carcinogen. SEE VIDEO BELOW if you look like me and you are paying taxes for nothing because your tax dollars don’t support us. OSHA cover up this crime for Con Edison , the Department Of Transportation allowed Con Edison to use their regulation unlawfully out right criminally.

New York State Human Rights will ignore the evidence that prove Con Edison sent them misleading document . The bill Of Rights didn’t apply to me because I was terminated before I had my day in court and after the verdict of a fabricated charge by the Westchester County police officer which was proven to be fabricated . Con Edison receives document from the courts that the police ???? wrote me a ticket which was proven to be fabricated, Con Edison and My Union knew that they didn’t have a legitimate case to go to Arbitration, so they cook up a case for arbitration by subpoena the police officer that fabricated that criminal ticket to use to keep me from getting my job back. These corporation are allowed to deem employees unfit for duty with a negative verification process test result. I’m not the only victim to this DOT regulation Crime . The department of transportation knows that Con Edison and other corporation is using their regulation to commit this crime, but they refuse to report it to the proper authorities. If you get a DWI off the clock your employer can’t use your contract to violate you. I didn’t get a DWI but my employer terminated me for a contract violation, Con Edison terminated me for violated the DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40, Subpart 0 , Clearly Department Of Transportation never ask Con Edison to send them evidence of that.

The Department Of Transportation should have a record of me violating that rule , which they don’t .Also alcohol is a legal substance for anybody that over 21 year old up here in New York, but in my case the company use that legal substance as a reason to terminate me. Other words I’m still that slave . All these agencies I name did a catch and kill To my complaint, but didn’t killed the reason I made my complaint-about, they are exposing millions. Those regen truck are sending this deadly carcinogen directly to the area of the cab And that police officer that lost the criminal case against which came to my arbitration case by illegal subpoena from Con Edison to retaliate against me, to conspired with Con Edison to ensure that I will never be able to feed my family again and to continue to expose my coworker and millions of Americans truck and garage worker .

I had 33 years in Con Edison. And that ticket was a criminal charge coded 1149B which means I refuse to blow in a breathalyzer because I had a accident that killed another driver. That Night I was not in any accident and that night their were no human body found. The racist police officer fabricated a charge and was allowed after he lost that case in a criminal court , he was allowed to testify in my arbitration case to retaliate against me , and conspiracy to help Con Edison to commit medical fraud to keep me from getting my job back. Again Con Edison Medical Department did a Verification Process test on me and the result was a negative test result. There are two ways a Medical Review Officer can deem a employee unfit for duty is a positive verification process test result or refuse to take a verification process test. Again I took the verification process test and pass it with negative test result .

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