Ugly Judge

Officer Thomas LaCroix

Waltham Police Chief Thomas LaCroix

Massachusetts Waltham Police Chief Found Guilty of Assault gets FULL PAY, Huge Bonus and Retirement for his Actions

If you’re not mad yet you should be, how did a person like this get to be in charge of a Police department? Someoone who should be setting examples and be answering to higher standards. Tax payers are forced to pay for a guilty criminal who abuses his power. Anyone else would be locked in a jail cell, lose his job and everything he’s worked for. Equality in America? The wrong people who don’t do the right things are often rewarded with positions of power and control who only detroy the system and cause more harm. The problem is when they’re exposed they often don’t get the punishment they deserve or are removed fast enough. He should have been FIRED not allowed to resign. This is a tactic so he can be re-hired.

LaCroix, who was convicted in June 2013 on two misdemeanor counts of assault and battery on his wife Andrea LaCroix, faces two and a half years in jail.

He received FULL PAY, LARGE BONUS AND RETIREMENT for his actions
and examples. This is what GOVERNMENT does for legal criminals.

Waltham Police Chief Received Large Bonus While on Leave

Waltham Police Chief to be Sentenced Wednesday

Waltham police chief resigns

LaCroix resigns Waltham police chief’s post after getting probation in domestic assault case

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