Officer Scott MacIsaac

Disturbing cell phone video shows a dying Nicholas Provenza lying on a downtown Tarpon Springs road as police officers and others stand around.

“Chief Kochen said patrol officer Scott MacIsaac pulled the trigger”

Remember how police spread false rumors and assassinate the character of their victims in their attempt to discredit the victim. It’s common for police to commit perjury in America when it comes to them covering up their crimes. The first thing they do is perjure police reports to support their wrong actions. The problem is who enforces the law when police commit perjury?

Officer Scott MacIsaac gunned down Nicholas Provenza and then left him in the street to die. Anger and speculation have since boiled over on social media. Some claiming Provenza wasn’t armed.

It’s obvious from the video Officer Scott MacIsaac is a bully and coward hiding behind sun glasses as he paces around kicking the ground. Doing nothing to save a life while witnesses never saw a knife Officer Scott MacIsaac attempted to claim “He has a knife, he has a knife” as if he was building his case against the innocent victim.

Those who knew him, say violence was not in his blood. But the police chief says it is a fact that Provenza had a weapon on him, and that threats toward law enforcement will not be tolerated. “I don’t care who was right, I don’t care who was wrong, a life was lost,” Provenza’s friend, Kaitlyn Morera said.”Those who knew Nicholas Provenza say he lived a life of peace. What they’re feeling now is the opposite.

Saturday, at a charity car show, an off-duty Tarpon Springs officer was advised about a man on a bike acting suspiciously. Officer Scott MacIsaac said Provenza gave him a fake name. Then, seconds later, officer Scott MacIsaac said Provenza came at him with a knife, so the officer Scott MacIsaac shot him to death.

Rebecca Schnell is choking back tears trying to come to terms with the loss of her fiance Nick Provenza.

“It should’ve never, never happened,” said Schnell.

Tarpon Springs Police say people attending Saturday’s charity car show downtown told an officer they’d seen a suspicious man with a hoodie on a bicycle. That man has now been identified as 25-year-old Nick Provenza.

Police say Provenza gave them two false names, and moments later the officer called on his radio, ‘Shots fired! Shots fired!  Shots fired! He came at me with a knife!’

“This whole story is just completely out of character for him,” said Benjamin Peck.

Benjamin and Nick had been close friends since age 11. He says nick was a kind, gentle soul, and a vegan–who even refused to kill bugs in their home.

“He wouldn’t harm an ant, and they’re saying he pulled a knife on a law enforcement officer? That just doesn’t make sense,” said Peck.

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