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san francisco california police chief gregory suhr scam and lies how police cheat

San Francisco California Police Chief Gregory Suhr

People yelled “liar” and “murderer,” saying Chief Gregory Suhr needs to step down. They pointed out that the officers could have found another way to disarm Woods, since British police successfully took down a man wielding a machete without killing him. Last year, 30 cops spent close to six minutes trying to disarm the man without firing their guns, which showed that dangerous people can be subdued without lethal force.

“You think we’re actually stupid,” Bayview resident Asale-Haqueenyah Chandler said of Chief Gregory Suhr’s comments.

“You get up here and you tell the same version of events,” said activist Adriana Camerena. “You tell a narrative that someone poses a threat. It’s the narrative you have to defend in court, but it’s a lie. So are you here to resign?”

“In my 30 years plus in law enforcement, I have seen a good deal of misconduct by police officers. I have seen scandals. But the level of the problems and the frequency of the problems that we’re facing here today are very unusual.”
San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón on the current state of the San Francisco Police Department

Outraged San Francisco residents demand police chief resign following shocking video of cops fatally shooting Mario Woods

Ever wonder how police got away with cover up, lying, fraud and dishonesty for so long? Simple, back in the day there were no cell phones or digital proof against police because all courts took the word of a dirty, dishonest police officer over that of anyone else.

Fact is the courts are just as dirty if not more dishonest than the police who act as the muscle behind dishonest judges and lawyers. Today video evidence does not lie and any honest cop will gladly welcome video evidence because it proves beyond a doubt what took place. We need digital video and audio in all court rooms as well. Judges have the ability to change what court reporters type and enter into the record. Honest judges would welcome this as the truth is what matters and digital recording does not lie.

It’s only dishonest police who claim it stops them from doing their job. Police don’t want video because its indisputable absolute evidence. They no longer can cover things up with lies, manipulations and outright fraud. Whats amazing is with all the perjury which is a felony that not one cop is ever charged with a crime for lying? Even when caught or proven to have signed a false police report.

San Francisco Police Chief Gregory Suhr is a prime example of an overpaid, egotistical cop who stops at no cost in trying to convince families of people killed by police that they did not see what they saw. Truth is you did see what you saw however the game is now all about damage control which is another word for lowering liability and what the city (you the tax payer) will have to shell out in hush money to the families. Just google the Orange County California Kelly Thomas murder, where the courts and government stood behind dishonest police who murdered a young man on video.

Police claim you should not jump to conclusions and wait for several months while they do their own in-house investigation by fellow officers. What that really means is lets take the heat off things and let this cool down by playing the waiting game where the public can begin to forget. The truth is police unions and lawyers for the city will begin to spread negative information destroying the character of the dead. You’ll note they never share background info on the officer who killed the victim who may have had a history of problems. Is the fair, is that justice are well talking about criminal tactics or peace officers who are sworn to “Serve and Protect”. Oh I forgot they just tell us that to get us to go along with paying taxes to think we’re getting something for our money.

In fact the judges, District attorney, lawyers and management of the city don’t really care about justice, its about protecting one of their soldiers or muscle. In the end your tax dollars will be extorted and used to pay off the family. It’s a win win racket for police and government who’ll rack up millions on legal fees, overtime, investigations and defense strategies. What’s worse is the dishonest killer cop will get a paid vacation and even a promotion.

San Francisco Residents Call For Police Chief’s Resignation

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