Rohnert Park police

Rohnert Park police
Rohnert Park police is quickly being exposed for abuse of power and a department with abusive officers.

Crazed Cop Stalks Man then Pulls a Gun on Him for Filming from his Own Front Yard

After pressure from KTVU Fox 2 Investigates, along with attorney Lisa Rafferty, Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety ultimately agreed to release the transcript of the 911 call that sparked this entire situation.  Police are still refusing to release the actual 911 call.

An obvious problematic chief making up excuses and giving false info to cover up for officers and a department with a history of problems

Rohnert Park Police Officer Who Pulled Gun Out on Man Placed on Paid Administrative Leave
Rohnert Park Cops Raid Home of Man who Criticized Them on FB Over Co-Worker’s Viral Video Incident

A California police officer Dave Rodriguez was caught on video drawing his gun on an unarmed man who was never a threat nor accused of any crime has been placed on temporary paid administrative leave.

“The city truly believes in community-oriented policing and deeply values the relationship between law enforcement and our community. The incident portrayed on the video is not a typical interaction between our public safety officers and the public,” Assistant City Manager Don Schwartz said in a statement.

If the above is in fact true, why did it take a viral You Tube video to get them to act in the first place?

In a Facebook post dated July 29, Rohnert Park resident Don McComas  was in his driveway securing his boat to the back of his SUV when police officer Dave Rodriguez drove slowly past his house, stopped, then circled around and returned.

At that point, McComas pulled out his cellphone and began recording.

In the video officer Dave Rodriguez’s vehicle is seen driving toward McComas before stopping in front of his house. The  Rodriguez then sits inside his SUV for nearly two minutes, and at one point, appears to be taking a picture of McComas with his own camera. At this point Rodriguez if in fear had the chance to call for back up but he did not.

As McComas approaches the patrol car to record the license place number, the officer exits the vehicle and tells him to take his hands out of his pockets.

“No, sir. I’ve done nothing. I’ve done absolutely nothing. No,” McComas responds.

That is when the officer Rodriguez  unholsters his firearm and points it at McComas, who asks him to “put the gun down.” The video shows McComas backing away while repeatedly saying “do not touch me” and asserting he did nothing wrong and did not have a weapon.

InfoWars comments on the event

This video exposed a very un-professional and abusive officer who failed to give his name and pulled deadly force for no reason

INFO Wars exposes a problem officer who draws down on an unarmed citizen

Now the city (and tax payers) will pay for the actions of one stupid police officer who is out of control

More on the problem officer Dave Rodriguez HERE

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