Officer Brendan O’Brien

oakland california Police department not just a few bad apples above the law

Oakland California Police Officer Brendan O’Brien
Officer Brendan O’Brien was a 30 year old police officer with the Oakland Police Department. This is just the tip of the iceberg which exposes how bad Police in America really are.

What we really need to look at is “Who are we giving badges and guns to”. The fact that Officer Brendan O’Brien murdered his wife, then went suicidal killing himself”. This is who we’re giving deadly force to? The dishonesty alone exposes the need for annual polygraph testing and removing all immunity to help protect the public from criminals who hide behind a badge.

Involved Departments showing wide spread infection
Oakland Police
Richmond Police
San Francisco Police
Stockton Police
Livermore Police
Alameda County  Sheriff Department
Contra County Sheriff Department

Oakland Police Officer Brendan O’Brien committed suicide in September, 2015 a year after his wife’s death, which at the time was ruled a suicide. O’Brien left a note after his suicide that led to an initial internal affairs investigation. [2]

A subsequent investigation ordered by a federal judge led to many Oakland police officers admitting they had lied during the first internal affairs investigation about their relationships with Celeste Guap. One officer also admitted to knowing she was underage when he had sex with her. Over a dozen officers are alleged to have had affairs with Celeste Guap while she was underage.

O’Brien’s wife, Irma Huerta Lopez, died on June 16, 2014. Her death was ruled a suicide, but was briefly classified by homicide detectives as a potential criminal investigation.  Her family believes that Officer Brendan O’Brien shot her and Huerta that the police ignored them.

“I’m extremely angry about the alleged misconduct in this department,” Schaaf said.

But the mayor and other city officials are either not being forthright about the extent of OPD officer misconduct and the reasons for Whent’s resignation, or they are in the dark.

The Express has learned that the sexual-misconduct scandal involves more than just a few rank-and-file Oakland cops, but also high-ranking officials from departments throughout the Bay Area. A few committed statutory rape of the victim, who was an under-age sex worker at the time, and informed her of undercover police operations.

According to interviews with the victim, elected officials, and sources close to OPD, in addition to documents obtained by the Express, at least fourteen Oakland Police officers, three Richmond Police officers, and four Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies had sex with the girl who goes by the name Celeste Guap. (The Express is not publishing Guap’s real name because she was a sexually exploited minor when the abuse began.)

Three Oakland police officers committed statutory rape of Guap when she was under-age. She says all of the law-enforcement agents who had sex with Guap knew she worked as a sex worker.

According to text messages between police officers and the victim, at least three OPD officers leaked her confidential information about undercover prostitution stings. One Oakland cop obtained police reports and criminal histories and shared them with the victim, which is against department policy. Guap also said she slept with cops as a form of protection.

Celeste Guap was only seventeen in February of last year when a pimp chased her down International Boulevard. She spotted an Oakland police car and approached for help. That’s when she met officer Brendan O’Brien.

“He saved me,” Guap said of the lanky ex-Marine, who joined the Oakland Police Department in 2013 after graduating from the 166th police academy.

Rather than detaining Guap as a victim of human trafficking and turning her over to guardians, she said O’Brien released her. “We flirted a little,” she recalled, adding that she told O’Brien her mother was a dispatcher in the department.

Two weeks later, Guap saw O’Brien on patrol again in East Oakland. He and his partner were making an arrest near a taco truck. She struck up a conversation and they exchanged numbers. Shortly afterward, O’Brien and the girl began “dating” — a word Guap used to describe their relationship.

Guap said she had sex with the Oakland police officer numerous times while she was a minor.

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