Ugly Judge

Superior Court Probate Division

Los Angeles County Superior Court Probate Division has become a place where dishonest people go to steal from the elderly, disabled and children. Its all based on money and greed. The criminals behind these scams hide behind lies like we’re protecting their assets and providing them with a service.

If it’s recommended you look into Conservatorship or Guardianship for your loved one pay close attention to what happens once your loved one is sucked into this deep  hole of criminals, dishonest judges, low life attorneys and a broken system based on greed and abuse. 

The truth is they only offer this service to victims who have estates or funds in the bank. The truth comes out when those same blood sucking lawyers disappear when the money is gone. Leaving the victim broke, homeless and usually in the hands of the welfare system.

Remember the wolf in sheep’s clothing, it’s similar to the lawyers, greedy family, judges and nursing homes involved who always hide behind lies and false promises.

The first step is to claim or pretend the victim needs their services. Everything will be based on lies of one person or a group. A judge is involved to make the crimes “Legal and binding”. The result is a victim who loses all their rights and control. A victim who is often drugged against their wishes to stop them from exposing what’s really going on.

Once the victims rights have been given to the criminal the isolation begins. This stops witnesses and family from getting involved or exposing what’s going on. With the help of heavy psychotropic drugging the victim is helpless and unable to resist or call for help.

Behind the lie of protecting their assets bank accounts are used to pay huge legal fees for lawyers and courts who create legal fees. The person who takes control of the victims life is able to bill thousands of dollars to do what family did for free. Victims homes and assets are liquidated to continue to feed the legal thieves and services which are sucking the life out of the victim.

Welcome to Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Division where one judge will control your life, they’ll never see you, meet you or really know what is going on yet that judge will make rulings that determine if the victim lives or dies.

It’s all about “If the judge enforces law” which often is “NO” they ignore crime, elder abuse, violation of rights and the constitution. People think laws protect us however only if police or courts enforce the law. Far too often a judge will ignore crime and abuse allowing criminals to get away with crime.

Elder Abuse Victim Stories on Betrayal by California Probate Court Judges

Are you an elder abuse victim who has been further victimized by a California probate court judge?

You are just one of many victims of California probate court judges who abandon their sacred duty to protect vulnerable elder abuse victims

Elder Abuse compiles and publicly exposes your stories and evidence of misconduct by California probate court judges

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