Marty S Adair

Marty S Adair fraudulent OC Conservatorship

Superior Court of California County of Orange Central Justice Center
Case 30-2019-016066588
Previous cases mom was able to fight and win 30-2015-00810827 and 30-2015-00810845. Also brought on by disinherited son “Joey” Richard James Adair II and his wife Darian Mathias-Adair.

Joey and his wife Darian, basically kidnapped mom, cut off communication with her three daughters and took her to probate court. They lied to mom and said they hired an attorney to “help” her get her finances in order for the $1.3 million, more or less, she owed on her 5 acre of property consisting of her Event Facility the American Way Cultural Center, home and open yard storage, worth $15 million. Located at 2390 American Way Street, Orange, California. 92865
(Mom, with the help from us daughters, was in the process to remedy her finances and put everything into a living trust right before this occurred).

Sent family notices to same out of date notices Joey used in the 2015 cases, which was brought up during that case.

Joey took mom to a Dr. to write the phony Dr. report with the diagnosis of Dementia and put her on Dementia medications.

They got an undervalued bond for $3,300,00.00. (It’s over 5 acres in the city of Orange, CA!!)

Daughters opposed the conservatorship and had a trial date set for 11/18/2019 to remove the conservator and as Judge Gerald Johnston said “get this woman her property back”. (He was the same judge that presided over the 2015 case that mom won).
Moved trial to 7/6/2020 then to 1/25/2021.

Mom sought bankruptcy to stop the conservator from getting a $2 million loan against her property. The BK attorney’s, Reem Bello and Jeffrey Golden in Costa Mesa, California, were working with the daughters to find all loan docs and figure out mom’s finances and pay off her debt. When Conservator and his attorneys found out, they substituted attorneys for Richard Golubow in Newport Beach, CA and forbid daughters to contact him, while telling him that the last attorneys “wouldn’t move the case forward”, but that they were “completely transparent” with the family. This has now caused a $1 million bill with Golubow. They “hid the ball” from us daughters and mom for months, until now when it might be too late to stop. They are pushing for complete liquidation by December 2, 2020. Subsequently they were granted a $2.75 million loan against mom’s property.

The conservator has completely let mom’s property and Event Facility become decrepit. He turned off the outside water and let her 30 year old magnolia trees and landscaping die to be overrun with weeds. There are abandoned vehicles and graffiti on her property. There are people living in her open yard storage and all tenants have gone wild, while he refused to maintain and collect rents timely and remedy their code violations. He hasn’t had any of the fire hazard palm trees on the property maintained, including around mom’s home.

The conservator let Joey ransack and steal from mom’s home and Event Facility.

The conservator has refused to give mom any petty cash even after repeated requests for only $50 a month. Mom’s cell, life alert and internet were turned off because of non payment.

The conservator gave Joey and Darian the code to mom’s gate and home after mom refused to see them for over a year. Joey and Darian walked in and started their “gaslighting and love bombing” campaign again, while also intimidating her with the knowledge that they could get to her at any time.

They put a “available” sign in front of mom’s home and at the end of her street. When questioned said, just “testing the waters”.

They are trumping up code violations on part of the Event Facility that is still under construction. Mom and dad both had there contractors license.

Mom has been cut off from the Event Facility, while a parade of buyers and inspectors have been going through it and her home.

This is killing our mom!! Her health is in jeopardy!! This is torture. She was a vibrant business woman before they seized everything. Now she just sits at home and prays.

“Joey” Richard James Adair and his wife, Darian Mathias-Adair
Their current attorney for this case and last, Jeffery A Slott, Encino, CA (Originally represented by Eric Becker until forced by Public defender, Holly Galloway to choose. They chose to only represent Richard Huntington after saying to Galloway they were going with the “cash cow”.

The Law office of Eric Becker, including Eric Becker and Samantha Morris, Laguna Woods, CA.

Conservator, Richard Huntington, Professional Fiduciary Services, Laguna Woods, CA (possibly Peter C Kote that was on another probate case with him and partner in his company)

David Shaver, Bunt and Shaver, Santa Ana, CA (brought on case by Becker in his hand written declaration to court statement saying mom had “sever dementia” and her public defender was only representing what mom wants and what may not be in her best interest, 4 days before phony Dr report was even written). He never met mom until months after this case started and only after persistent requests from daughters.

Rueben Martinez, realtor to sell mom’s property and his wife, Teresa Gorman (Huntington’s attorney on several other cases).

Judge Gerald Johnston we don’t believe is part of this conspiracy.

What we are seeking…other victims that can corroborate and expose this band of thieves.

To save mom’s property and to keep her in her home!
To stop their rat eating debt that they are saddling us with and stop the bleeding of money from mom’s estate.
For the mighty hand of God to prevail and set our mom and her estate free!!


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