Fiduciary Angelique Friend

Fiduciary Angelique Friend

Probate Services started with a Professional Fiduciary in 1974.
Our current senior Fiduciary, Angelique Friend, started in 1999.
Angelique became President of Probate Services Inc. in 2014.

Probate Services, Inc.
 232 Village Commons Blvd. #11
Camarillo, CA 93012
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (805) 604-1998
Lester Moore

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Lester Moore

California needs to change the way that this trade is being performed. Wards such as Norma Farrant of Newberry Park in California who had built up quite a sizeable trust for her care in life as she got older first retiring from teaching in the public school system and then starting a rather successful career in real estate for several years. The trust was quite detailed and contained more than 30 declarations from friends of hers in support of her trust and choices and that at no time what so ever would it be appropriate for her estranged daughter now disowned to make or even weigh in on making any decisions regarding Norma’s personal care, an earlier dispute in which her daughter was able to essentially steal a home from her without compensation set a large gap between the two and they were not able to find their way back to each other. Dissatisfied with being cut out of Norma’s trust and any inheritances that the daughter felt should go her way she approached a conservator that she has a personal relationship with Angelique Friend. A petition was filed in Ventura county’s probate courts and even though her Norma’s sons objected and while Norma was still residing at the home of her eldest son. Angelique was appointed and Diane Norma’s daughter was given the choice as to what should be done with her mother who then decided to place her into a locked secure dementia facility even though she is not diagnosed with dementia. Adult protective services showed up and took Norma from her residence where she lived with her son and pulled out her permanent hearing aides and left her glasses behind. That was nearly 4 years ago and Norma still resides at the Golden Oaks skilled nursing facility in Camarillo, CA more than a million dollars that was housed in the trust that Norma had built for herself was spent since that time by Angelique Friend and as if that wasn’t enough Angelique petitioned the court system to take her sons’ home where he and his mother resided as 50% owners each sell the home and take 100% of the proceeds for Norma’s care. This is just one of many horror stories that line streets of California’s families that “did it right” worked hard and pursued the American dream. Never having been arrested or having even a marginal brush with the law Norma and her sons handled their lives within the parameters that the law in this country of ours says to live within. After a lifetime of working and building and saving, the Ventura county superior court stripped Norma of her rights as a citizen of this country, her dignity as a human being and then her independence as an individual. Her initial placement into the golden oaks was concealed from her son’s for nearly a year. Only finding her when her son Josh and I started working together on this with the goal to find her and after going to the court records system and finding in Angelique’s divorce papers that her now ex-husband was the medical professional in charge at Golden Oaks in Camarillo did I call and make an appointment to tour the facility for “my grandfathers pending placement” a lie, but necessary given than Ms. Friend has the facility in the habit of denying access to their mother in spite of any court order that says they are not too. In court Angelique has simply said “that’s the facilities doing not mine” that’s it. Norma has never once been permitted to attend a hearing to determine her own competence. Can you imagine such an indignity? People stand around debating if you are competent but you yourself are never asked? The American with disabilities act specifically guarantees all dependent or pending dependent adults this right. That they themselves are meant to be present at a hearing to determine one’s own competency.

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