Ugly Judge

American DISGRACE, FRAUD and CORRUPTION have destroyed any trust in our legal system, Lee Baca is a FRAUD

What’s happening in Los Angeles County California has been going on for decades. The people we trust, who are in charge are FRAUDS, LIARS and CRIMINALS who use law to legalize their crimes. Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Division is where I first came in contact with totally dishonest judges who were actually stealing and lying to profit from seniors. Aviva K. Bobb and Candace Beason both allowed grand theft, perjury and even murder to take place to line their pockets. Now with the exposure of top police figures its evident why nothing is ever done when criminals like Judge Bobb and Judge Beason are reported.

The fact is our government has failed the people, we’ve allowed them to take over our world and system and use it to steal and cheat the people. These con-artists are well paid in tax dollars and given immunity. What Americans need to understand is that a badge and uniform mean nothing when worn by dishonest people. Judges who swear to an oath are often nothing more than bad lawyers who bribed their way to the bench to become the worst judges. Raping seniors and children for profit and control.

Lee Baca is a disgrace and should face a long prison sentence, we can’t even trust a federal investigation due to the deep pit of corruption which starts at the top.


LA County Sheriff Lee Baca’s Legacy A Mix Of Awards & Scandals

Plagued By Scandal, Sheriff Lee Baca Resigns to Avoid Bruising Re-Election Battle

Sheriff’s Resignation: the Real Reason?

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