2020 10 01 An Open Letter to Judge Emmet Sullivan, John Gleeson, Sidney Powell and the Prominent Legal Community re: Michael Flynn Matter

An Open Letter to Judge Emmet Sullivan, John Gleeson, Sidney Powell and the Prominent Legal Community re: Michael Flynn Matter

This is a huge wake up call for the urgent need of well-reasoned intervention to provide and demand remedy to the crimes and corruption of American government officials.

While George Floyd was openly murdered by an official who took the law into his own hands, millions of Americans are deprived of their life, liberty and property in secret

by public servant judges and attorneys.

We are an attorney, doctor and business owner writing on behalf of the millions of Americans whose lives are being destroyed by the American government. This letter outlines the issues.




The turmoil unfolding in the Michael Flynn matter epitomizes and is the culmination of the failure of America’s public officials to follow and enforce the law resulting in massive human rights atrocities and civil unrest.  The Michael Flynn matter is a small slice of the global cancer that infests America. America is self destructing before our eyes.  The Constitution and rule of law that is binding on America’s public servant officials in each branch of government has been replaced by lies; judicial and political corruption; crimes; racketeering and propaganda.



The American legal system has become so corrupted and conflicted there is no longer even a semblance of law, order, justice and reason.  The obvious and fundamental foundation of the Constitution, i.e.: Commonsense as made evident in the Federalist Papers [1] is defied in the Flynn matter as is legal reason and logic.

Any reasonable person could only conclude it is William Barr who is acting in conflict of interest.  William Barr is not legally unbiased and neutral.  He is executing the political agenda of Donald Trump, thereby acting in conflict of interest.

The position of the Attorney General is not derived from the Constitution.  It is derived from the Judiciary Act of 1789.  In Marbury v Madison 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803), the Supreme Court unanimously ruled the Judiciary Act of 1789 purporting to extend the Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction beyond that which Article III, Section 2 established was unconstitutional.

As there is no authority under the Constitution for the establishment of the position of attorney general, the Judicial Act creating the position is unconstitutionally vague.  Moreover, certainly the assumption by William Barr of unauthorized/undesignated power and authority is unconstitutional.  Other legal and ethical violations also appear:

  1. The attorney general is also arguably acting in conflict of interest under the Ethics in Government Act of 1978.
  2. 5 CFR § 2635.101 – Basic obligation of public service.[2]
  3. ABA and state bar ethical concerns. [3]
  4. 5 U.S.C. § 3331 – Oath of Office [4]

These issues make it apparent the need for William Barr to be vetted independently by members of the public comparable to a jury/grand jury review.  In the alternative, a special independent Federal monitor should be appointed to replace William Barr.

The unlawful and suspect oversight of the Michael Flynn matter by William Barr has resulted in a confluence of circumstances giving rise to purported “adversary” acts of Judge Emmet Sullivan. In reality, he is acting in compliance with the Constitution to insure the integrity of the administration of the case . The Federalist Papers No. 78 state that the power of judicial review should be used by the judicial branch to protect the liberties guaranteed to the people by the Constitution and to provide a check on the power of the legislature:

[W]here the will of the legislature, declared in its statutes, stands in opposition to that of the people, declared in the Constitution, the judges ought to be governed by the latter rather than the former. They ought to regulate their decisions by the fundamental laws, rather than by those which are not fundamental. . .[W]henever a particular statute contravenes the Constitution, it will be the duty of the judicial tribunals to adhere to the latter and disregard the former.

William Barr is misusing his power by seeking to circumvent the judicial process and usurp the authority of the trial court judge to investigate and adjudicate the motives for dismissing the Flynn charges.  The resulting initial order by the 3 judge panel was illegal and void as determined by the En Banc Panel.[5]

Protecting the integrity of the prosecution function is the responsibility of all government officials and “We the People.”  [6]  Certainly, any reasonable person using Commonsense would conclude it is far too premature to deal with the possible disqualification of Judge Sullivan when the real issue that must be first addressed is the disqualification of William Barr.

The unlawful acts by William Barr in the Michael Flynn matter illustrate only one of the innumerable unlawful tactics employed by William Barr and the office of the Attorney General to obstruct justice; act in conflict of interest and use his position for political gain. “We the People” and the government have repeatedly called for his impeachment and investigation. [7]  The inexcusable failure to hold William Barr accountable by government officials is indicative of the duplicity and dysfunction of our government officials who themselves have also deliberately shielded themselves from access and accountability to the American public by their own diabolically corrupt tactics.

At the root of the lawless government that has become unaccountable to “We the People” is:

  1. its self created, self-serving, unconstitutional pretext of “immunity” and
  2. self-created and self-serving designation of “self-policing” judicial and attorney “oversight committees” to review the acts of judges and attorneys including those that are criminal.  Moreover, ethical violations must be review by independent members of the public.

The pretense of “immunity” and the self serving “committees” are criminally obstructing justice.  The voice of “We the People” and the rule of law as set forth in the Constitution have been overthrown by the insidious coup d’etat of corrupt officials.



The undersigned have a front row seat in the massive corruption arena that has replaced the rule of law in America as we have been subjected to a lawless, illegal “legal” system wherein corrupt judges act above the law and violate the Constitution, thereby criminally obstructing justice; criminally depriving rights under color of law in violation of 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242; and destroying the lives of millions of American citizens.

America now works in reverse.  American government officials who are mandated to follow and enforce the law are not only civilly depriving its citizens of Constitutional due process, but are criminally violating the law.  Instead of being provide whistleblower protection, American citizens who report their criminal acts are attacked, retaliated and subjected to criminal punishment.  Prominent media report U.S. courts as “lawless” and a “rotten carcass.”[8] Thomson Reuters was prompted to do an investigative series on judicial corruption. [9]  America continues to fall in its ratings as a leader on the world stage:

  1. It plummeted to 33rd place on the Freedom House index.[10]
  2. It received its lowest score in 8 years on the transparency index.  [11]
  3. It is not in the top ten Human Development Index lead by Norway.[12]
  4. Even India and Russia have expressed outrage at human rights violations and civil unrest in America. [13]

Has America evolved into a Kleptocracy? [14]

Because the Flynn matter has come to the forefront at this time, this open letter solely addresses the implications of its effects on the rampant corruption in the legal system.

In the next few days and weeks, we will be addressing the global issues, including:

  1. The Machiavellian methods employed by extrajudicial judges who use courts to cause the death and destroy the lives of American citizens and strip the wealth, liberty and rights of American citizens; and
  2. The efforts of the American government to “opt out” of accountability for their human rights atrocities by the international community.  For far too long, the government has attempted to preclude investigation by the International Criminal Court, among other agencies and finally this is being brought to the forefront by a long overdue lawsuit by human rights lawyers.[15]

This is a call to action by responsible American citizens and a request for your response.[16]

We seek a telephone conference or zoom meeting with those receiving this letter to discuss remedy of these human rights atrocities. Please confirm your receipt of this communication and let us know a time for this telephone conference/zoom meeting.


_s/Barbara Stone

Barbara Stone



_s/Dr. Robert Sarhan

Dr. Robert Sarhan



_s/Eliot Bernstein

Eliot Bernstein




Address for all parties: 19 West Flagler Street # 404, Miami, FL  33130

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Two relatively recent articles in respected publications have piercingly reminded me of what a rotting carcass much of the American legal system has become.

U.S. heading toward lawlessness – Washington Times


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[16] Speaking against injustice isn’t optional.

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